The LIFT Mindset Podcast

The LIFT Mindset Podcast

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Dan Thompson shares his views on current trends and predictions within the investment market. He often welcomes special guests from across the industry.

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22nd November 2023

Dan is joined for a Q&A session with special guest Stuart Niman. They discussed the differences in inflation readings between the US and the UK, potential paths central banks may take in 2024, and the benefits of staying invested through difficult periods.

28th September 2023

Dan is joined by fellow Investment Committee members Joel Adams and Stuart Niman. They outline the recent changes made to The Investment Committee and the decision-making process and welcome new member Mark Holden.

20th July 2023

Dan is joined by Shamik Dhar, Chief Economist of Bank of New York Mellon Investment Management. They discuss macroeconomic events, expectations across different countries and how economic factors could influence markets in the second half of the year.

15th June 2023

Dan is joined by Hugh Gimber, Global Market Strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management. They discuss recent economic and investment market events and share insights into which narratives they think may influence financial markets over the coming months.

10th May 2023

Dan reflects upon how investment markets have fared in the first four months of 2023, comments on recent central bank policy decisions and provides an analysis of the stresses witnessed in the regional banking sector in the United States.

27th April 2023

Dan is joined for a Q&A with special guest Stuart Niman, where they touch on prevalent investment themes in the first quarter, as well as overall market performance.

27th March 2023

Dan is joined by special guest James Ashley. James leads the International Strategic Advisory Solutions team in GSAM. Together they discuss the recent substantive strains seen in the banking sector, provide parallels with past market episodes and scrutinise expectations embedded in the market at present.

9th February 2023

Dan discusses how financial markets fared in January, aspects that have had an influence upon markets and forward-looking expectations lately, as well as themes which have emerged amongst the latest corporate earnings season over in the United States.

18th January 2023

A new year and a new podcast episode with Dan providing his monthly investment update and commenting on recent trends within the market.

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